How to upgrade summons elden ring

How to upgrade summons elden ring the introduction of spirit summons marks a significant departure from past FromSoftware titles and adds a layer of complexity to the gameplay. While there is ongoing debate about whether Elden Ring or Dark Souls games are more challenging, the inclusion of spirit summons in Elden Ring undoubtedly affects the difficulty level. These summons play a crucial role in mitigating challenges, especially in the game’s open-world environment, where encounters with multiple enemies can quickly become overwhelming.

However, the mechanics surrounding spirit summons may not be immediately clear to players. Understanding how to effectively use and upgrade these summons is essential for maximizing their utility in the game. Here’s a breakdown of how to utilize and enhance spirit summons in Elden Ring:

  1. Acquiring Spirit Summons: Spirit summons can be obtained by defeating certain bosses or by completing specific quests throughout the game world. Keep an eye out for opportunities to earn new summons as you progress.
  2. Equipping Spirit Summons: Once obtained, spirit summons can be equipped from the inventory menu. Players can assign a limited number of summons to their loadout, so choose wisely based on the situation and your preferred playstyle.
  3. Summoning Spirits: During combat, players can summon spirits to aid them by using the designated summoning button. Each spirit has unique abilities and attributes, so experiment with different summons to find the ones that best complement your tactics.
  4. Managing Spirit Stamina: Spirit summons consume stamina when active, so be mindful of their stamina gauge during prolonged battles. Summoned spirits will automatically return to their realm when their stamina is depleted, so keep an eye on their status to ensure they’re available when needed.
  5. Upgrading Spirit Summons: As you progress through the game, you’ll have the opportunity to enhance your spirit summons through various means. This may involve finding rare items or completing specific tasks to unlock new abilities or increase their effectiveness in combat.
How to upgrade summons elden ring

How to use spirit summons in Elden Ring

To effectively use spirit summons in Elden Ring, players should follow these steps to obtain the necessary items and use them in appropriate areas:

  1. Meet Melina and Agree to Her Accord: Encounter Melina and agree to her accord, initiating the process of obtaining the Spirit Summoning Bell and Spirit Ash.
  2. Speak with Renna at the Church of Elleh: Return to the Church of Elleh and speak with Renna the Witch to receive the Spirit Summoning Bell and Lone Wolves Spirit Ash.
  3. Obtain Spirit Summoning Bell and Spirit Ash: Upon speaking with Renna, players will acquire the Spirit Summoning Bell and Lone Wolves Spirit Ash, essential for summoning spirits.
  4. Use Spirit Ash in Appropriate Areas: Activate spirit summons by using the Spirit Ash in appropriate areas within the game world, typically those heavily populated by enemies such as camps and ruins.
  5. Equip Spirit Ash to Hot Bar: Equip the preferred Spirit Ash to the hot bar alongside the flask for easy access. When in an appropriate situation, toggle to the ash and use it by pressing the designated button (square on PlayStation, X on Xbox).
  6. Be Mindful of Summoning Conditions: Spirit summons can only be used in specific areas within the overworld and during boss fights. If the player character walks outside the designated area or enters a boss fight, the summoned spirit will disappear. Players cannot re-summon a spirit until resting at a site of grace.

How to upgrade a spirit summon in Elden Ring

To upgrade spirit summons in Elden Ring, players can follow these steps:

  1. Locate Roderika: Find Roderika, the NPC who facilitates spirit summon upgrades. She can be found in a blown-out building on the road from Limgrave to Stormveil Castle near the Stormhill Shack site of grace.
  2. Complete Roderika’s Request: Speak with Roderika and exhaust her dialogue. She will then request that the player obtain the Chrysalid’s Memento. This item is located in Stormveil Castle on a pile of corpses near a Grafted Scion mini-boss. If the player defeats Godrick the Grafted, Roderika may disappear. Bringing her the Chrysalid’s Memento or defeating Godrick will advance her to Roundtable Hold.
  3. Advance to Roundtable Hold: Once Roderika reaches Roundtable Hold, players can engage in a small questline involving her and Hewg. This requires speaking to both NPCs, advancing dialogue, and reloading the area. Eventually, Roderika will set up a shop across the hallway from Hewg.
  4. Visit Roderika’s Spirit Tuning Station: After Roderika establishes her spirit tuning station in Roundtable Hold, players can upgrade their spirit summons similar to upgrading weapons. They need to bring Roderika either Grave Glovewort or Ghost Glovewort, depending on the type of Spirit Ash.
  5. Acquire Glovewort: Both Grave Glovewort and Ghost Glovewort can be found in catacombs, caves, and graveyards scattered throughout the game world. Players should explore these areas to collect the necessary Glovewort for upgrading their spirit summons.

How to Use Ashes to Summon Spirits in Elden Ring

How to upgrade summons elden ring summoning spirits to aid you in battle requires careful consideration of the following rules and mechanics:

  1. FP Cost: Summoning spirits consumes FP (Focus Points), akin to a magical attack. Your ability to summon spirits depends on your FP pool, determined by your Mind Stat and certain accessories. Your starting class also influences your FP capacity, affecting your ability to summon spirits effectively.
  2. Summoning Location: Spirits can only be summoned from Ashes when you are in proximity to a Rebirth Monument. These monuments are strategically placed near challenging combat segments and boss rooms throughout the game world. While spirits can be summoned for boss battles and difficult encounters, they cannot be summoned freely in the open world without a nearby Rebirth Monument.
  3. Limitations: Players can summon only one spirit at a time, and there is a restriction of one spirit per Rebirth Monument. Once summoned, a spirit will remain active until it is defeated. Moreover, you cannot summon a spirit while engaging in co-op or competitive multiplayer mode with other players.
  4. Summoning Process: To summon a spirit, access your menu, navigate to your inventory, and select the desired summon. Use the Spirit Ash item like any other consumable item. For convenience during battle, it’s recommended to assign your preferred Spirit Ash summon to your Quick Item toolbar via the equipment menu.

Understanding these rules and mechanics is essential for effectively utilizing spirit summons to overcome challenges and adversaries in Elden Ring’s vast and treacherous world.

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