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I’ve been searching for reviews on the mid waist short from honeylove shapewear but haven’t had much luck. Has anyone here tried it? I’m particularly interested in how it works for smoothing and shaping the lower belly area under a dress.

My dress has a mid-waistline, and I’m looking for shapewear that won’t peek out or ride up too high. I’ve struggled with shapewear in the past, as many options tend to come up too high under the bra line, which isn’t ideal for my dress style.

I’m also considering shaping underwear, like the Honeylove shapewear crossover brief, but again, I haven’t found many reviews. If anyone has experience with this or other brands/models that target the lower belly area effectively, I’d really appreciate your insights!

I’ve previously tried Skims in-store, but unfortunately, they didn’t work for me—they kept rolling down and didn’t provide the support I needed. Open to any suggestions and recommendations! Thanks in advance!

Saw It On Socia lA Honeylove Sculptwear Review

honeylove shapewear has emerged as the contemporary counterpart to the traditional girdle. Our collective fixation on achieving flawlessly smooth silhouettes has propelled this industry into a billion-dollar juggernaut. However, do you ever feel that some of the current options fall short of expectations?

For years, I faithfully adorned myself in Spanx, hoping to sculpt my figure into perfection. Yet, day in and day out, they proved to be more trouble than they were worth—pinching, constricting, and incessantly rolling down. Eventually, I came to the realization that they simply weren’t the solution I needed.

The alternative? Opting for bigger pants—a choice that promised both simplicity and comfort. But let’s face it, there are moments when every woman yearns for a little extra support.

That’s when I stumbled upon honeylove shapewear a Kickstarter-approved revelation in the world of shapewear. Recognizing the shortcomings of traditional options—how they often flatten and squeeze rather than accentuate natural curves—the founder of honeylove shapewear embarked on a mission to redefine the industry.

honeylove shapewear is a testament to this mission, designed to celebrate your body’s unique contours while gently redistributing areas you may wish to minimize. It’s a departure from the one-size-fits-all approach, offering personalized support that empowers you to emphasize what you love most about your figure.

honeylove shapewear


As I eagerly unboxed the honeylove shapewear, I couldn’t help but notice the difference in its construction. The material felt substantial—thicker and more substantial than what I was accustomed to with other shapewear brands. Running my fingers along the seams and edges, I was impressed by the craftsmanship; they were impeccably sewn and exuded durability.

One feature that immediately caught my attention was the addition of boning in the sides of the tummy panel. This ingenious design not only provided structural support but also acted as a deterrent against rolling. It was a thoughtful touch that spoke volumes about the attention to detail that went into creating these pieces.

Overall, the honeylove shapewear felt like a high-quality garment from the moment I laid eyes on it. With its sturdy construction and innovative design elements, it was clear that this was shapewear built to last.


When comparing honeylove shapewear to traditional Spanx shorts, the difference is like night and day. honeylove shapewear takes shaping to a whole new level, offering superior results that leave Spanx in the dust.

These sculptwear pieces are masters at their craft—they effortlessly lift the tush, slim the thighs, and cinch the waist. The transformation is remarkable, with every curve accentuated and sculpted to perfection.

While the tummy area may not experience as dramatic a change, there’s a noticeable smoothing effect that leaves you feeling sleek and confident. It’s less about flattening and more about refining—a subtle yet impactful enhancement.

What truly sets Honeylove apart is its ability to shape without sacrificing comfort. You won’t feel squished or constricted; instead, you’ll experience a sense of being gently sculpted into your best self.

For anyone struggling with their rear end, Honeylove is a game-changer. It works wonders in the rearview mirror, leaving you looking and feeling your absolute best. With Honeylove, you’re not just squished—you’re beautifully shaped.

honeylove shapewear


With almost unrivaled comfort, the Honeylove proves to be a game-changer—except for one minor setback. The plastic boning incorporated into the waistline, while highly effective in preventing rolling or shifting, does come with its own trade-offs.

Throughout the day, the boning ensures that the sculptwear stays firmly in place, providing unparalleled support even after hours of wear. It’s a significant improvement over other shapewear options, offering a level of stability that instills confidence.

However, around the five-hour mark, I began to notice some discomfort as the boning started to press against my ribcage. While it wasn’t unbearable, it was certainly noticeable, especially when not wearing a dress. This discomfort might have been exacerbated by wearing a dress that was slightly too small, and I’ll need to try it with a properly fitting dress to confirm.

Despite this minor inconvenience, the overall comfort and effectiveness of the Honeylove make it a standout choice for shaping and smoothing. With a few adjustments, it has the potential to be the perfect solution for achieving a flawless silhouette without sacrificing comfort.

Everything You Need To Know About HoneyLove Shapewear

HoneyLove’s sculptwear boasts several innovative features that set it apart from traditional shapewear options. Here’s a quick rundown of what makes HoneyLove stand out:

  1. Special structures to prevent rolling: HoneyLove incorporates unique structures into every product, akin to boning in a corset but far more comfortable. These structures, hidden in the seams, provide exceptional support without the need for additional bra straps, ensuring that the garment stays in place throughout the day.
  2. No rubber grips: Unlike many other brands, HoneyLove’s products eschew rubber grips, making them ideal for those with sensitive skin.
  3. Sculptwear vs. shapewear: HoneyLove’s garments are classified as “sculptwear,” a distinction from traditional shapewear. Sculptwear utilizes compression panels strategically placed to provide targeted support where needed, such as the tummy and upper thigh, while allowing for more freedom of movement and breathability in other areas.
  4. Inclusive sizing: HoneyLove offers inclusive sizing, ranging from XS to 3X, ensuring that women of all shapes and sizes can find the perfect fit.
  5. Machine washable and adjustable gusset: Convenience is key with HoneyLove’s products, which are machine washable for easy care. Additionally, many items feature an adjustable gusset, making restroom breaks a breeze.
  6. Sweat-wicking fabric: HoneyLove’s garments are crafted from sweat-wicking fabric, helping to keep you dry and comfortable even with an extra layer under your clothes.
  7. Generous return policy: HoneyLove offers a 30-day return policy, allowing you to return or exchange any item for a full refund if it doesn’t meet your expectations in terms of size or comfort.

With these standout features, it’s no wonder that HoneyLove has garnered praise for its comfort, effectiveness, and inclusivity, making it a top choice for those seeking stylish and supportive .

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